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10 vinyl floors that make a difference

10 vinyl floors that make a difference

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Vinyl is not just the old CDs we used to listen to, it's been a long time ago. Today's vinyl is this dream coating that adapts to all styles and all atmospheres. It is found in all forms, as well for the living room, the bathroom as the kitchen. The editorial staff has selected 10 atmospheres from the biggest brands for inspiration.

Clear soil

Leroy Merlin Indeed, vinyl is very inexpensive and can be easily cut. You can then install it yourself or have it installed by professionals. Here light wood is in the spotlight with this model from Leroy Merlin for a chic, contemporary and relaxed atmosphere.

Wooded soil

Leroy Merlin Long planks of wood tinted in light grays, this is the impression this vinyl floor gives. To mix in the bedroom or living room with clear textiles: quilt, plaid, blanket and cushion enhance this beautiful floor.

White soil

Saint-Maclou Blanc or almost, it is also a possibility of vinyl. Be careful though, it gets dirty very quickly and sticks more to a room in a country house, with large wooden beams, heavy doors and of course a huge fireplace.

A panel floor

Castorama Recalling the traffic signs and lights of New York taxis, we immerse ourselves in an atmosphere worthy of the big apple. This model will find its most loyal fans among teens: NYC, strong sensation, street atmosphere ... It brings together everything they like.

A patterned floor

Castorama To give a little pep's and pop to a piece that lacks life, we choose a vinyl with patterns that enliven the space. Here the ripples, waves and other curves almost make the ground dance on this black background. To place in a teenage bedroom or an offbeat kitchen.

Vintage floor

Castorama Like old reclaimed wooden planks, this floor also gives pride of place to vintage fashion. Combined with metal furniture, it gives the impression that you spend your weekend hunting around like a professional.

A metallic floor

Leroy Merlin For rock fans, a vinyl floor is placed under his drums which uses the patterns and reliefs of the metal plates. The concerts in the garage suddenly take on a whole new dimension.

Colored soil

Saint-Maclou Vinyl also exists in colors, like this turquoise blue here, which would almost make you want to dive in like a swimming pool in the sun. There is something for all tastes and in all colors: red, yellow, green ... It's up to you to see how you want to play your cards.

A geometric floor

Saint-Maclou Your living room does not become a giant part of Sudoku or a XXL size puzzle, but we like to walk on these discontinuous lines, which take up the classic parquet floors of large Haussmann apartments.