A different coating for the bathroom floor

A different coating for the bathroom floor

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If the tiles were for many years the preferred coating of the bathroom for its practical aspect to maintain and very resistant to humidity, we see today appearing new materials in this room like tiling with the appearance far from its traditional image. To boost the decor of your pond, you dare to change your floor, which will bring it a second youth. Zen, warm, minimalist… lets you discover ten floors in pictures to change the white tiles. Zoom on these coatings which are both chic and original.

The mosaic in total look

Porcelanosa Very chic, the mosaic twists the decor of the bathroom to make it a sublime piece. We love the total look that invites small mosaic tiles on the floor as on the wall. We choose them two-tone in two shades of dark blue close enough for an oriental hammam spirit or carefully arranged to create optical effects in a black & white style.

Slate: natural and elegant

Porcelanosa For a bathroom that breathes beautiful natural materials, opt for slate. Its textured material catches the light to vibrate the bathroom floor with pretty reflections.

Enameled ceramic with marble effect: brilliant!

Porcelanosa Do you want luxury and pleasure in the bathroom? We fall for an enameled ceramic floor, worked in the manner of pure marble, with an ultra glossy touch. Both noble and bright, this floor combines very well with natural wood furniture and chromed metal.

Natural stone tiles

Castorama We like tiling with natural stone decor to create a spa atmosphere in the bathroom. Its soft and warm color brings a feeling of absolute comfort. This floor is ideal for replacing white tiles in a wood-clad bathroom.

A trendy checkered floor

Forbo Very trendy with decorators this year, the black and white checkerboard floor will transform a slightly dated bathroom into a New York cocoon. We combine it with furniture also black and white and we add some accessories of color, as here with a Scandinavian chair of a pretty mint green.

Tiles yes, but hexagonal!

Castorama If you are a fan of tiling in the bathroom, why not opt ​​for hexagonal tiles. Much more graphic, they modernize the room by playing on geometric games. We love !

A teak floor to bring warmth

Leroy Merlin To bring warmth and comfort to the bathroom, we choose a beautiful teak parquet floor. It will go well with anthracite gray waxed concrete effect furniture as with white lacquered furniture.

Bamboo flooring for a Zen bathroom

Saint Maclou Bamboo is an ideal floor for the bathroom because it is very well suited to damp rooms. In terms of decoration, we love its fine blades which enlarge the perspectives. A perfect floor for a very Zen bathroom.

Character mineral tiles

Saint Maclou For lovers of simplicity, we opt for a mineral tile that brings real character to the bathroom. We prefer it in a bright and airy space so as not to shrink the space and we gladly marry it with furniture that also plays dark gray, in a Japanese and minimalist spirit.


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