Colorful tiles for the bathroom

Colorful tiles for the bathroom

In the bathroom, tiling has many advantages, particularly in terms of maintenance. And when it is adorned with colors, it transforms the bathroom into a space where life is good. Demonstration in pictures!

A pastel bathroom

OMC Tiles To cover your bathroom with a veil of freshness, nude colors will be your best allies. So make way for the sophisticated alliance of water green, white and taupe on the walls. A very natural mix that we never tire of!

Pink for a feminine bathroom

Marazzi If this bathroom has furniture with rather classic lines, it has perfectly managed to use a section of wall to bring out its feminine touch. Its secret: powdery pink tiles. A romantic decoration as we like them!

Black tiles for a designer bathroom

Delpha This designer bathroom offers a touch of originality with black tiling. A shade that plays on contrasts with the whiteness of the basin and walls. A perfectly mastered black and white decor.

A sunny bathroom

Castorama To awaken a monotonous bathroom, the yellow color is ideal. A tonic and vitamin color that we like to adopt on our walls! We say yes to the yellow tiles in the bathroom!

A warm bathroom

Marazzi So that good humor reigns all week long, you adorn your wall with a pretty orange glossy tiling and complete your decor with wiser tones such as sand or gray.

Colorful hexagons

Art Ceramica The walls are adorned with blue and green hexagons for a fresh and playful result in the bathroom.

Random Dispatch

Agrob buchtal To raise a bathroom in neutral tones, we put on a floor in unstructured mosaics. Here, they were placed on the ground and extended on the wall for an explosive result.

The bathroom takes off

Marazzi A clever mix of blue and white tiles, a wooden vanity top, a few selected elements in natural materials ... this is the successful cocktail of this bathroom that smells of the open sea.

Metro tiles take over the bathroom

OMC Carrelages Exit the all too classic white metro tile, make way for originality with a taupe model. Where how to revisit the retro style with ease.

A natural spirit bathroom

Marazzi Green and beige tiles and wooden furniture are gently displayed in this nature-style bathroom that invites relaxation and serenity.

Gray for a chic and classic bathroom

OMC Carrelages Sometimes simple, sometimes more worked, gray tiles combine with the classicism of the bathroom to bring the touch of elegance that it lacked.

A refreshing bathroom

Porcelanosa To subtly recall the seaside, opt for your blue tiles in the shape of a hexagon on your walls. The detail that makes all the difference!

Red and white, the tonic mix

Castorama The invigorating mix of red and white makes your head spin? For a modern bathroom, full of pep's and good humor, play the card of subtlety. A few tiles on the wall arranged horizontally will do the trick.

Green water invites itself into the bathroom

Ikea Pale and ethereal, celadon green tiles naturally find their place in the bathroom. Small tiles or standard size, we love it anyway.

A Zen bathroom

Vogue ceramica For a relaxing and zen bathroom, consider installing tiles on low furniture, in taupe, brown or even beige color.

A small bathroom

Castorama The trick to give the illusion of a larger surface area and volume in the bathroom: tiles placed vertically.

Orange stripes for a vitamin bathroom

OMC Carrelages We love the orange stripes in this bathroom that we will be happy to match to a floor of the same color. An aesthetic bias which energizes the room and visually enlarges it.

Blue to energize the bathroom

Ikea Very classic, this immaculate bathroom dares to color at ground level. A very strong blue tiling which goes perfectly with the decorative accessories in neon yellow, fuchsia, purple, orange and blue.

Tiles to highlight an element

Leroy Merlin Combine plain tiles with cement tiles with a vintage motif to highlight a key element in your bathroom.