The patterns enhance the living room decor

The patterns enhance the living room decor

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To give character to your decoration, dare the patterns! By integrating stripes, tiles or polka dots as elements of your decoration, the whole room will be energized. To inspire you, discover in pictures 10 salons that have adopted the motif.

A honeycomb carpet

Ikea In this living room, we play with the patterns by matching the wall decoration to the carpet. Here, the colors contribute to the dynamic spirit of the whole for a modern living room that invites good humor.

Patterned cushions

Ikea To add a dynamic touch to your living room, you can simply opt for patterned cushions that you will have on your sofa. Do not hesitate to mix tiles, stripes and flowers for a nice set.

Graphic patterns

Ikea Know that patterns can also be the strong element of your decor by multiplying them. Here, the sofa has a strong motif, but so does the carpet and the pendulum. The whole is then ultra graphic.

Colorful patterns

Ikea In this room, the motif is combined with color to bring good humor throughout the room. Curtains, cushions and armchairs, everything goes for a graphic and dynamic decoration.

Different patterns

Alinéa In this living room, the reasons are multiple and are not alike! On the ground, triangles give a graphic side to the room, on the wall the bricks play the industrial card and on the sofa a cushion with birds finishes giving its eclectic side to this decoration.

Patterns on the wall

Castorama The patterns can also be installed on the wall, whether with wallpaper or paint. In this living room, for example, we painted geometric shapes in different colors for a very graphic and above all very decorative effect.

Ethnic atmosphere

Fly Patterns can allow you to infuse a decorative style into your room. By choosing an ethnic carpet for example, the whole room will be inspired.

Warm patterns

Heytens It is not because you adopt patterns that the atmosphere cannot be soft and subdued. On the contrary, by choosing patterns in a shades of color, you will get a soft and graphic atmosphere at the same time.

Curtains and cushions combo

Heytens For patterns to take an important place in your decor, you can play the combo card by using the same fabric for the cushions and curtains. The motif will then be the centerpiece of the decor.