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Our favorite books on Comfort Food

Our favorite books on Comfort Food

The cuddly cuisine, the one that puts balm in the heart returns this year to the front of the stage. Cheeseburgers made in the USA, soft chocolate, steaming macaroni gratins… exit the slow food trend! This year, we dare Comfort Food.

200 comforting recipes

Modus Vivendi There are days when we want to return to the basics of cooking, and rediscover the smell and flavor of dishes from our childhood. In her book, 200 comforting recipes, Johanna Burkhard offers a variety of recipes that will make you relive your culinary childhood. Johanna Burkhard, 200 comforting recipes, Modus Vivendi, 11.50 euros

Canteen California

Hachette Cuisine California arrives at your home with the Cantine California cookbook. Burgers with caramelized onions, chicken tacos, but also veggie burgers with chickpea and coriander steak, grilled king prawns, sweet potato fries… or even sweets 100% made in the USA: oatmeal cookies, brownies, blueberry pancakes… More than 30 recipes gourmet dishes to share at home that form the basis of American cuisine. Jordan Feilders, Cantine California, Hachette Cuisine, 12.50 euros

Cookies and cupcakes from our childhood

Editions Atlas Sablés, cookies, chouquettes, cat or Congolese languages, everyone has their Proust madeleine to fall back into childhood. These little cookies, with childhood flavors rediscovered, are synonymous with pleasure and can be enjoyed in a few bites. Want a gourmet pose, we shop the cookie and cupcake book from our childhood. Traditional fluted, crunchy walnuts, vanilla mille-feuille ... this book will delight young and old alike! Collective, Cookies and cupcakes from our childhood, Atlas Editions, 9.99 euros

Street food

Hachette Pratique It is impossible to talk about comfort food, without mentioning street food, this street food that revisits the traditional dishes that we eat outside, in the street, in a park or on the corner of a table. Wealth shops, renowned restaurants, food truck ... in this book Yannig gives us the recipes of the best places in Paris offering this type of takeaway. Cambodian, Caribbean, French, Italian or Japanese ... you will discover 30 comforting, tasty and exotic recipes that will reconcile you with cooking on the go! Street Food, Yannig Samot, Hachette Pratique, 22.50 euros

Nutella the 30 cult recipes

Les Tout Petits de Marabout We all have a product in the back of our closets that reminds us of our childhood. Children, you were won over by Nutella, this tasty and creamy spread, so this cookbook is for you! Soft with a flowing heart, mini-madeleines, tiramisu, mousses, creams, sand roses, this legendary little taste of hazelnut and chocolate will accompany your family meals throughout the year for moments of pure pleasure! Sandra Mahut, Nutella 30 cult recipes, Les Tout Petits de Marabout, € 3.50

American diner

Marabout Chef Real American comfort food, does that tell you? American Dinner offers you in this book 100 recipes 100% U.S, as if you were there. Burgers, hot dogs, pancakes, nuggets, pies & cheesecakes… so many recipes that will keep you going and delight your taste buds. Collective, American Diner, Marabout Chef, 6.95 euros

My irresistible chocolate recipes

Terre Vivante It is impossible to mention the books dedicated to Comfort Food, let alone those dedicated to chocolate! At the editorial office, we loved Marie Chioca's book which offers 48 ways to make sumptuous chocolate desserts without saturating them with bad fats or refined sugars. On the menu of delicacies: fondants, truffles, semi-cooked, brownies, small mousses and large cakes! A true delight. Marie Chioca, My irresistible chocolate recipes, Terre Vivante, 12 euros

New York cult recipes

Marabout Immediate boarding for New York, with this work by Marc Grossman dedicated to New York cuisine. Cheese cakes, muffins, smoothies, burgers and French fries… 100 recipes of typically New York products and a great photo report on the city to transform your cuisine into an authentic American dinner. Change of scenery and fun guaranteed! Marc Grossman, New York cult recipes, Marabout, 25 euros

Christmas with Jamie

Hachette Cuisine A Christmas with Jamie is 40 generous and delicious Jamie Oliver recipes to celebrate Christmas in the best possible way. Stuffed turkey, glazed ham with plums, roasted potatoes and herb crust, Christmas crumble, Norwegian omelette, gingerbread men ... so many recipes for a great holiday! Jamie Oliver, A Christmas with Jamie, Hachette Cuisine, 9.95 euros