Kikoo, an all-terrain design piece of furniture

Kikoo, an all-terrain design piece of furniture

End table, small console, bedside table, storage column, side table, the Kikoo design furniture is unique and completely adaptable to your desires.


My Note Deco ### The uses of Kikoo furniture are only limited by your imagination! Its pouf offers a booster seat or storage for your magazines and fits easily into the Kikoo storage module.

Multi use

My Note Deco ### Outdoor or indoor, the Kikoo design furniture adapts to all terrains. Its polyethylene texture makes it resistant to UV, temperature variations and even rain. From the bedroom to the terrace, from the living room to the garden, Kikoo follows you everywhere.

Multi target

My Note Deco ### Thanks to its contemporary design, its ultra-trendy shapes and colors, the Kikoo piece of furniture appeals to young and old and fits into any room. From the child's bedroom to the living room, via the parents' bedroom and the student studio, everyone wants to have their Kikoo!

Made in France and recyclable

My Note Deco ### Not only is the Kikoo furniture fully recyclable, but it is made in France. The location of the factory, close to the head office, reduces pollution from transport.