5 tips to give character to the teenage bedroom

5 tips to give character to the teenage bedroom

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They are of the age when one forges his character and asserts his desires. It therefore seems normal if teenagers are particularly keen on decorating their bedroom, with style and allure. But how exactly do we go about it? To find out, remember the following 5 useful tips:

I dare to decorate XXL

Leroy Merlin ### A painting, a sticker or oversized typo letters, that's enough to catch the eye and set the scene…

I dare whimsical accessories

Leroy Merlin ### A decor that has allure is a decor in which each detail is chosen with the greatest care to assert the desired style! Demonstration in pictures with these wall hooks in the shape of a hand that hold vinyl exposed on the wall or the round pendants that fall from the ceiling.

I dare an extraordinary wall covering

Ikéa ### Padded effect wallpaper, set of stripes painted on the wall, red or gray brick wall cladding like this one: all these coverings are accessories of choice to energize the space and give style to the room !

I dare the color

Castorama ### Since the teenagers are overflowing with energy, we look like gray walls in the bedroom! Better to display a color full of pep in their image, enough to boost the decor and make it an ultra warm setting. Here, it is on glamorous red that we bet, bet won!


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