Le Pontot-Vezelay, bed and breakfast in the Morvan mountains

Le Pontot-Vezelay, bed and breakfast in the Morvan mountains

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Cendrine takes you this time to Burgundy in the Le Pontot-Vezelay guesthouses, facing the Morvan mountains. The medieval building is a place of pilgrimage and a starting point to Santiago de Compostela. You will be greeted with warmth and friendliness.

An exceptional renovation

Le Pontot Vezelay A lot of work was necessary to renovate the house. Everything has been transformed without forgetting to keep the soul of the house. A year was necessary to fully restore the building.

The white room

Le Pontot Vezelay All dressed in white, the bedroom is nestled under the eaves. Linen, walls and furniture chosen in white create a relaxing atmosphere just like the surrounding landscape.

The green room

Le Pontot Vezelay The light color on the walls has been favored and the more fanciful patterns are present on the textiles. Here, the decoration takes on a British accent with a touch of romanticism.

The pink room

Le Pontot Vezelay Here time seems to have stopped. Canopy bed, linen sheet, tapestry on the wall candle holder on the wall ... We are far from the country-style decoration that we are used to seeing in guest rooms.

The bathroom

Le Pontot Vezelay The bathrooms are decorated in a more modern way and present the same spirit in each room. Marble and ceramic are there!