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Charlene's 10 all leather inspirations

Charlene's 10 all leather inspirations

Today, I decided to tell you about my inspirations around leather. This noble material resumes its letters of nobility in our living rooms but also in our wardrobes. The perfecto has not aged, just like the good old brown leather sofa. Zoom on my 10 favorites!

One country: Morocco

Bernard Gagnon It is in the Maghreb that we discover the most tanneries in the world. Manufacturers use old methods to integrate color into this material. Beware of toxic fumes from these places but it's worth a look!

A shop: Cappellini

Cappelini Founded in 1946 by Enrico Cappellini in Italy, the family business has become an international contemporary furniture brand. The shapes are original and rounded, the style is refined and elegant. The plus: the leather sofas are marvels of comfort.

A decoration: the New York industrial style

Alinéa Leather can be combined with many styles but is very popular in industrial environments. Here, there is a navy blue leather sofa that harmonizes perfectly with the dark wood furniture elements and the stainless steel decorative elements.

An atmosphere to avoid: make the room cold

Schmidt Leather can also be cold, especially when it is gray and installed in a white room where it gives us the impression of being at the dentist. We are well settled there but we do not feel comfortable. I definitely prefer the much warmer brown leather.

A piece of furniture: the club chair

Maisons du Monde Speaking of brown leather, there it is. The club armchair appeared at the beginning of the XXth century under the name of "comfortable armchair". What makes it special are these large armrests where English gentlemen rested. I love !

An inspiration: the leather table

B&B Italia This B&B Italia table is very original because it is entirely made of leather. The most that I love: these colors that follow the trend of ready-to-wear in this fall 2014.

An object: the pouffe

Maisons du Monde The pouffe is always useful when receiving friends. It takes up no space and remains comfortable, especially if it is made of leather. If it is ideal in a living room, it also finds a special place in the bedroom, as here at the end of the bed.

A story: the perfecto

Mondino This is the piece of clothing that we must all have in our wardrobe! To give a rock'n'roll look to our decor, we take inspiration from it for all the rooms in the house.

A practical kit

Andrée Jardin Leather is a living material, it deteriorates. With this maintenance kit from the Andrée Jardin brand, we are saved! Always waterproof the leather before wearing it. Use a colorless spray and also think of the patina.