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10 table decorations that give goosebumps

10 table decorations that give goosebumps

For Halloween, think big and think about decorating your home in the best way! Will you be a haunted house, a witch's landmark or a scary cemetery? To find out, let yourself be inspired by our selection of the best table decorations found on Pinterest. Boo!

Ghostly atmosphere

Ikea As in a haunted house, here, the whole dining room is plunged into a disturbing atmosphere: draping in tulle on the chairs, and along the walls to create a spiderweb effect, of course, a few bats, a well-studied menu, all by candlelight. Creepy !

All dressed in black

Manvi Drona This table decoration invites you into darkness. And even the pumpkins are lacquered with paint. The ideal is then to play with the materials, the textures to give relief to your table.

Pumpkin tote

Food Network Orange as the main color, a plethora of cucurbits and maggots, this decoration represents the spirit of Halloween par excellence. The centerpiece is made up of a multitude of accessories, but who will dare to get their hands in first?

Chic and subtle

Pineapple Hill Interiors Change of register! With these shades of gray, this decoration is very elegant but no less frightening. With these skulls as the centerpiece, a few feathers left by an old crow, you subtly bring the touch of dread necessary for Halloween.

Enjoy your meal

Halloween Costumes We take example! A rather classic tableware, mansion spirit, skulls as a table companion, spider web placemat and a beautiful bloody eye as an appetizer, this decoration is perfect, and it will be very easy to make at home.

Mortuary buffet

Mocooo Always in the same spirit, here, for this funeral ceremony atmosphere. Tombstone cupcakes, bone-style meringue and even human members for decoration, the house is ready to welcome guests who are sure to taste.

Black & white

Kate's place Another rather chic atmosphere for this Halloween table made up of light, white and silver tones, but enhanced by spikes of black thanks to a few skillfully arranged objects. We thus find some spiders, crows and ugly little monsters.

In the heart of the mist

The Little Big Company This table, surrounded by artificial fog, is very successful, thanks to a table runner like cabinet of curiosities: skull, old dusty books, parchments and bottles of poison. Be careful, a few drops may have been poured into your blood-colored cocktail!

More childish

Ikea Receive your guests in the witch's lair! This playful decor without being too threatening is a lot of fun. Hanging hats from a dark magician, a luminous pumpkin garland, a magic potion drink and decorated cupcakes, the ideas are rich. Think of a few poking!