Create a warm atmosphere in a small space

Create a warm atmosphere in a small space

Studio, small apartment, small room: when you lack space inside, the main concern is to forget the cramped nature of the place by managing to make it a welcoming place where you feel good. There are a few simple tips to meet this challenge. Here are 5 to inspire you.

Create a warm environment with auxiliary lighting

Ikéa ### Lighting plays a major role in creating a warm decor. Do not bet on a single light to light your studio even if its size is reduced. Prefer the auxiliary lights which enhance specific spaces in the room and create more intimate corners. This low pendant light hung just above the coffee table is a great example.

Create a warm environment by nicely dressing the walls

Ikéa ### Try to imagine this studio with white walls. Would it give you that same feeling of sweetness? No. The reason is simple: with a touch of fantasy on the walls, you feel more in an intimate and comforting place, whether the partitions are lined with polka dot wallpaper or that they are dressed in a series of frames and of tables.

Create a warm environment by focusing on clean storage

Ikéa ### Feeling good in a small space is a mission lost in advance if it is crowded. Make way for storage! We hide my unsightly things at the back of the room behind a curtain, we forget the bed by choosing a mezzanine, we hide storage boxes under the coffee table: everything, everything, everything so that we can breathe!

Create a warm environment with color

Ikea ### And the color in all this? Without abusing flashy tones and warm shades, color has the advantage of accentuating the warm character of the interior. In a small space, a few well-chosen colorful notes are therefore welcome. Demonstration with this red tablet that pleasantly brightens up the place.