Denim dresses the house

Denim dresses the house

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Raw, washed out, used, the decor is casual by adopting denim blue. In print on bed linen, in recycled version for carpets or in real jeans for napkins, it invites itself to all the sauces in our interiors. Need tips to make room for it outside your closet? Here are our 10 ideas.

Denim tablecloth

Delamaison Want to give a little country style to your table decor? Adopt without further delay a raw denim tablecloth! If the idea of ​​the total look scares you a little, you can simply opt for placemats, more discreet.

Denim print on the duvet cover

Spoiler Here is a duvet cover that may be emulated by teens with its denim print. Easy to slip into any universe, we dare for a touch of originality in the room.

A decorative box

Spoiler Another decorative accessory to dare in a teenage bedroom, this denim print storage box which will also have the advantage of being very useful when sorting through your belongings.

Denim for table linen

Smallgunns We don't always know which table linen to adopt during a relaxed dinner. We thought of the raw denim napkins that set the tone for the evening!

Scraps of jeans in carpet

Home 24 At the editorial office, we fell in love with this carpet made from scraps of jeans. With its different shades and its graphic side, it brings a real casual touch to the decor.

100% denim sofa

Kave Home Do you really like designer jeans? So do not hesitate and take the big game by choosing a bench fully dressed in denim for your living room. We are sure that it will have a little effect with your guests.

Jeans for the fridge

Smeg Cool, trendy, young, the Independant Fab fridge from Smeg is a real original piece for your kitchen. Why ? But because it is completely covered with jeans! The plus: this ultra-stylish fridge has been treated to be protected from splinters of water, oil, milk or fruit juice.

Denim duvet cover

Thomas Bekerley Atmosphere USA in this room which has bet on the colors of the American flag. The little extra that makes the difference: a denim duvet cover that can be easily combined with simple white pillowcases.

Denim blue bed linen

Delamaison The denim material does not tempt you more than that in bed linen? This is not a concern, you can also very well adopt a linen duvet cover that has fun with the famous blue jeans color.