10 decor ideas for small spaces

10 decor ideas for small spaces

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It is not because we live in a small space that we should not see the decor big! To decorate small areas, there are tricks that will not take up space and whose effect will be stunning. Discover in pictures some ideas to decorate your nest!

Bet on useful furniture

Ikea Do you want a console in your small hall? Be more clever and opt for storage modules that will allow you to deposit a few decorative items while providing you with storage space.

Exhibit on the walls

Ikea Storage is also a way to decorate your interior. For example, place fixing bars on the wall to expose your clothes while offering them a place. It is practical and decorative.

Playing with diversions

Ikea To give character to your decoration without taking up too much space, consider diversion. Rather than opting for a traditional bedside table, choose a decorative chair and accessorize it with storage. You then have a unique and very decorative piece of furniture without taking up more space.

Choose four instead of one

Maisons du monde To multiply the decorative potential of your small space, multiply the decorative objects precisely. Instead of choosing a large coffee table, we prefer four small models that will dress the room and give it style.

Playing with mirrors

La Redoute Do you want to push the walls? Well it is not possible! On the other hand, you can use mirrors to give a feeling of space. And it also works with mirror furniture!

Use a carpet with a strong identity

La Redoute Also remember to dress the floor! You will then bet on a carpet with a strong identity that allows you to focus attention on it in the room and thus forget its size.

Overload decoration

Leroy Merlin The advantage of small rooms is that you can give them a boudoir or cabinet of curiosity atmosphere in the blink of an eye. Know that you can play the escalation in decorative objects and textiles to create a real cocoon.

Use ceiling height

Fly Do you have no floor space? Use the space available under the ceiling! To give a decorative touch to the room, multiply the suspensions and light points that will dress the entire space.

Choose a strong piece

Fly Finally, to highlight your piece, think that you can also opt for a single strong piece that will make all the difference. A colored sofa will raise the tone of your living room!


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