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A cuisine inspired by that of professionals

A cuisine inspired by that of professionals

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Because we would all like to be able to cook like pros, we can at least afford a functional and design kitchen like that of great chefs. Zoom on 5 very practical kitchens, in pictures.

A well-equipped kitchen

Arthur Bonnet ### Your kitchen can be quite simple in order to optimize its functionality. And to be as efficient as possible, we put on the right equipment, namely practical robots, a complete stainless steel cookware set and all on hand thanks to an optimized work plan and a splashback for storage.

Clean cuisine

Darty ### To cook like a pro, there's no need to treat yourself to complex cuisine. Choose practical and clear worktops and plenty of storage space to store the equipment. This kitchen thus offers very clean lines for a design look but above all very functional.

XXL cuisine

Ikea ### If you are used to cooking for many people and organizing real feasts, you will have to turn to a large format kitchen. Do not hesitate to increase the number of fires and ovens so as not to waste time and opt for an XXL work plan which will allow you to both prepare your preparations and store them.

An efficient kitchen

Aviva ### Finally, if like the pros, cooking is at home a matter of brigade where the whole family participates, it is advisable to opt for a long kitchen which will allow each member to proceed to its preparation without hampering them. other. Then choose a large worktop and space the furniture so that traffic remains as easy as possible.