New Heytens textiles enhance the home

New Heytens textiles enhance the home

Heytens has understood that the house is your playground. As a result, the brand offers a multitude of fabrics to decorate your interior in your image using the tailor-made service that will allow you to make the curtains of your dreams and to coordinate them with the rest of the house in style. Discover the new collection in pictures.

The spirit of the materials

Heytens To give style to the house, Heytens relies on the mixture of materials that will bring relief to your decoration. A velvety fabric and marries crumpled linen for a warm and contemporary atmosphere.

Nude colors

Heytens To match the cocooning trend, nude colors are in the spotlight in the home. We skillfully mix white tones with some old rose notes for a soft and pleasant decor.

A graphic decoration

Heytens To energize windows, nothing like a graphic decoration. For this, we do not hesitate to offer curtains that mix several textiles. We can also opt for a patterned fabric that will highlight the geometry.

Classic chic

Heytens Because the curtains do not fail to give cachet to the house, large plain curtains with a beautiful fall will look great in a classic interior. The secret ? Choose a color in harmony with the furniture.

Colors that invite you to travel

Heytens Do you want your interior to reflect the colors of the world? Bet on an assembly of colored curtains that will evoke the heat of distant lands. Then prefer a fine fabric to let the light through.

Curtains for a cozy atmosphere

Heytens To caulk inside during the winter period, you can bet on beautiful blackout curtains that you will choose in a shades of colors that will match the textiles used in the rest of the decoration. Cocoon effect guaranteed!

Retro spirit

Heytens To stick to the retro trend, trust the curtains. By choosing vintage-inspired patterns that you associate with strong colors, the curtains will become the centerpieces of the house. Multiply the retro effect by adding coordinated cushions.

Graphic patterns

Heytens Finally, for a graphic and original touch in the house, why not dare a star pattern? It will particularly appeal to children who can also adopt it on the bed linen for a dream decor.

White dream

Heytens To maximize the brightness of a room, curtains or even Japanese panels in a white fabric will be most beautiful. We can thus mix different light tones for more style.