Personalized Advent Calendars Make Kids Dream

Personalized Advent Calendars Make Kids Dream

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There is no question of doing without an Advent calendar to wait patiently until finally the D-Day of Santa Claus! But rather than choosing a ready-made model produced in supermarkets for our children, why not set our sights on a personalized calendar? We would fill ourselves the surprises and delicacies that they will discover each morning until December 24… Here, the 5 calendars that follow will literally melt you.

Rocking horse improvises Advent calendar

Truffaut ### This Advent calendar in the shape of a rocking horse makes us crack! With candy drawers reserved from December 1 to 12 on one side, and from December 13 to 24 on the other, the countdown to the long-awaited Christmas Eve can begin! Charm and poetry at stake.

A DIY Advent Calendar

Truffaut ### Head to the Truffaut website to indulge in a little creative leisure session that will delight your little one! By following the instructions and providing yourself with Christmas fabrics, colored buttons, paint, white paper, clothespins, a double-sided iron-on, a pair of scissors, glue and a iron, you will get a homemade Advent calendar as beautiful as this one! Heart stroke…

Small Santa

Ikea ### We quickly fall in love with this calendar in the shape of little Santa Claus signed Ikea, because after all, one chocolate a day is also a step closer to the day when it will descend from the sky with toys by the thousands…

A Russian doll-style Advent calendar

Truffaut ### This Russian doll does not contain small matriochkas nested one inside the other, but delicacies hidden in mini drawers to be enjoyed every morning during the first 24 days of December. A chewable calendar, just for girls!