Where will the fun be in the kitchen of tomorrow?

Where will the fun be in the kitchen of tomorrow?

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When you imagine the cuisine of the future, it is rarely cheerful. It can even be scary, as in the film Green Sun with its questionable recycling. Without going that far, we know that the cuisine of the future will have to deal with new constraints such as overcrowding, the maintenance of natural resources and people's health. But where is the fun in all of this? How not to (too) stray from the joy of cooking? Electrolux, through its annual Electrolux Design Lab competition, asked design students to reflect on this notion of the pleasure of cooking in the more or less near future. 12 projects are still in competition before the final on November 12, 12 projects presented below and which give us a fairly realistic overview of the cuisine of tomorrow and the pleasure it can provide.

Yura, the flying bartender

Electrolux Can we imagine more festive than a flying drone bringing us our drinks? This time, it is sure that we will take a (clever) pleasure to order our drinks via our mobile phones. Yura is also able to control the temperature of drinks as well as the calorie content of your glasses (much less funny at once).

U-Bubble, weightless fridges

Electrolux The refrigerator as we know it today will no longer be. In any case it is the bet of this invention which imagines bubbles floating in the kitchen and in which we could store our food. Equipped with an interactive screen, these bubbles inform us about the expiration date of the products.

Surphase, the multifunction hob

Electrolux No longer consider your hob as a static element. This will become in the future a nomad plate which will serve as well to heat as to cool. By changing its shape, you also change its function. So when it is bent and covers the dish, it turns into an oven! It can also be transported for a comfortable picnic for example.

Set to Mimic, the sensory jammer

Electrolux No need to trust what you see on your plate. With Set to Mimic, tastes and smells can be transformed at will. By sticking a microchip on the temples, Set to Mimic will draw on your taste memories: so by tasting you can have the impression of biting into a tomato (and vice versa)!

Nanopack, the protective nanobots

Electrolux In the innocent form of a cube, Nanopack actually contains a veritable army of nanorobots. These are responsible for protecting your just-made dish by completely covering it. So your preparation is kept in the best conditions until tasting.

Little Helper, the gardener's assistant

Electrolux Since it is difficult to keep in touch with nature in big cities, Little Helper is the perfect assistant to regain your green thumb. Capable of analyzing your seeds, it provides you with sound advice via your smartphones so that your urban crops are in their best shape. Thanks to Little Helper, we will all have our urban vegetable patch. One step closer to food self-sufficiency?

Grow your own proteins, the cornucopia of proteins

Electrolux We are all aware of the problem of intensive farming and our excessive consumption of meat. Grow your own proteins is a culinary laboratory in which we will be able to grow spirulina algae, an alga with a high protein content. Matched with a 3D printer, this mini portable laboratory allows you to design any shape in spirulina algae so as to brighten up your plate.

Future Hunter-Gatherer, back to the hunt

Electrolux Because a chop is not born a chop, a breaded fish has lived in another form, Future Hunter-Gatherer reminds you through a game that food comes from a culture and breeding ( or gathering and hunting). This fun program invites you to hunt, gather and fish using holograms so that you can then order via the online supermarket.

Feasy, decorative food storage

Electrolux Individual containers almost artistically hung on the wall allow food to be stored in optimal conditions. Each food is kept at the right temperature and at the ideal humidity level. Food management and waste reduction are becoming easier and more efficient.

Garden Pod, the autonomous greenhouse

Electrolux This greenhouse exploits all natural resources to manage itself. It recovers green waste thanks to its integrated compost and redistributes the necessary nutrients according to the cultivated plants. It draws water from air humidity as well as precipitation. All you have to do is pick!

Cooreater, the radio of taste

Electrolux This oven of the future allows you to transform the preparation of dishes into a unique experience thanks to the production of sounds associated with taste, smell and touch. The Cooreater also acts as a social media tool since it allows you to communicate by video and transmit the sounds and images of your meal.