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Diving in the heart of the flowers

Diving in the heart of the flowers

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In the preamble, there is no need to recall how fascinating flowers are: by their beauty, their radiance, their color, their blatantness, the inventiveness of their shapes ... Even the most familiar flowers are able to provoke a start of wonder, because we had forgotten how delicate their drawing is, because a ray of sunshine or the flight of a browser attracts our attention in particular… or even simply because wonder deserves to be cultivated to have the pleasure of rediscovering the world every day, as if with new eyes! Fascinating, flowers are perhaps even more so when you lean towards them to observe their hearts: there are those who hide it, those who expose it… and none of them resembles its neighbor! Dive with us ...

The Rose

J-F. Mahé Whether it is pink, red, orange or one of the many other shades with which she knows how to adorn, we no longer present the rose… Here, the heart is dense, the stamens gathering by the dozen as attracted by a fire of joy.


J-F. Mahé Here is a flower that protects her heart like a savage ... what it is not. Just to glimpse to better be desired, this is the approach of the peony.


J-F. Mahé Here is a heart with accents of final bouquet: open, sumptuous, almost solar! The stamens deploy freely, like so many rockets, around the pistil similar to a capsule.

The lotus

J-F. Mahé When the water lotus opens its petals, it is to reveal an astonishing pistil whose shape evokes that of a button. Around him, pretty two-colored stamens marvel at the sweetness of the day.


J-F. Mahé The touching daffodil hides its organs at the bottom of a funnel-like heart… Is it because it fears the frost, still common in early spring, or because of its timidity?

The iris

J-F. Mahé Is there a flower more astonishing than the iris? Its complexity is such that we do not know where to look, which flies from its ribs to its amazing beard. This, without counting the enchantment proper to its legendary perfume ...


J-F. Mahé A flower within a flower ... The hydrangea seems to invite us to dive into the infinitely small ... It goes without saying that we would respond!

The eschscholzia

J-F. Mahé What a sense of elegance, all in finesse, that of eschscholzia which matches the shade of its stamens with those of its petals!

The agapanthus

J-F. Mahé From the tip of its petals to its heart, the agapanthus remains faithful to the same palette of colors ... a choice that pays off!


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