Architect's advice: how to set up a student studio?

Architect's advice: how to set up a student studio?

For a student, the first studio symbolizes the transition to an adult, autonomous and responsible life. Once the first battle is won (find accommodation!), A second arduous task begins: to set up this studio to sleep, work, eat and entertain, and if possible at a lower cost. All the difficulty lies in the fact of succeeding in combining several utilities and functions in a limited space and therefore inevitably multifunction. Indeed, depending on the time of day, the office will become a dining table, the living room bedroom ... The elements of the layout will be chosen without haste, no question of giving in to the frenzy of freedom! We measure the spaces before any purchase, and we opt in priority for saving space.

Develop a student studio: optimized equipment

Angélique BLANC This 3.95m x 3.50m studio is not at all equipped (apart from the bathroom, of course). For the preparation of meals, the most advantageous financially is to install a kitchenette. Compact and functional, it is equipped with two hotplates, a small top fridge, a sink and a storage unit under the sink. 180 cm long, this kitchenette is very comfortable. A wardrobe is arranged in continuity on the same section of wall. Against the partition of the bathroom, a tray is installed, which will serve as both a dining table and an office. The lighting should be particularly careful above the desk by the addition of auxiliary lamps in addition to the general lighting. A cabinet on wheels is placed under the desk for storing books and papers. Finally, the relaxation and sleep areas merge thanks to the convertible sofa / bed, and the coffee table is chosen on casters for easy and quick movement when unfolding the sofa.

Develop a student studio: a loft bed

Angélique BLANC This 4.45 mx 4.10 m studio is located in an old apartment with high ceilings, ideal for laying a bed on the mezzanine allowing a significant saving of space since a second area can be created under the sleep zone. We have the sitting area under the mezzanine, here furnished with a sofa bed, and not the desk, which requires good light, preferably natural, so near a window. In the kitchen, the kitchenette is here, so the table will be placed near it. It is chosen to be folded against the wall, allowing fluid circulation to be maintained outside meal times. The clothes will be stored in a wardrobe which slides into the empty space between the kitchenette and the wall. Note that to gain brightness, the walls will preferably be painted white.

Develop a student studio: space saving solutions

Angélique BLANC This 5.25 mx 3.80 m studio is equipped with a kitchenette and an integrated cupboard, which reduces installation costs and provides a fold-out bed / desk / storage combination. The bed folds out for the night, and is stored in the morning, giving way to the desk fitted with shelves. A real space saving solution for this small studio. The remaining space does not allow installing both a dining area and a relaxation area, these two areas are combined into one to create a reception area at low cost and dual use. This space is made up of a liftable coffee table which will serve as a dining table, and two armchairs convertible into single beds.