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Lighting the garden well

Lighting the garden well

Now that you are going to be more indoors than in your garden, you should not neglect your outdoor space. On the contrary, consider highlighting it to take advantage of its view from the inside. For this, nothing like lighting! Discover 10 ideas to light up the garden.

Artistic lighting

the deun light fixtures To give style to your terrace, do not hesitate to opt for original light fixtures like this light sculpture which will give a poetic note to your outdoor space.

Lighting to enhance the garden

Laurie Lumière If your garden has any particularities, do not hesitate to enhance them with lighting. For example, you can light up the edges of the swimming pool to take advantage of its view even when you are not swimming.

Lighting on the terrace

Laurie Lumière Beyond the garden, don't forget to light the terrace. You will find very decorative lanterns that will give style to your outdoor space. We love this pendant light to hang wherever you want, seen at Laurie Lumière.

A lantern to stick into the ground

Laurie Lumière To mark the path from your gate to the house, you can opt for lanterns that stick into the ground. Prefer a solar model that will not require any electricity and will be easier to implement.

Light spots on the ground

Castorama To enhance your garden paths, you will also find spots to place on the ground. They will be able to take original forms like this very design model which plays the graphic card.

Wall lights against the house

Laurie Lumière To enhance your outdoor space, invest in the facade of your home. By placing sconces, you will make access to your home easier but you will also light up your garden.

Luminous pots

Leroy Merlin To light up the garden in an ingenious way, think of light pots! They will welcome your plants while highlighting them. It will be ideal for highlighting the edges of a terrace.

A luminaire for plants

FR66 The strong point of your garden is its vegetation? Remember to light it up! You will find special lights to integrate into the vegetation to reveal it in style.

Lanterns for special occasions

Leroy Merlin For the big occasions when when you receive friends, mark your paths using lanterns which will welcome candles. The atmosphere will be festive and warm.