10 kitchen islands spotted at Ikea

10 kitchen islands spotted at Ikea

With its new Metod system, the Swedish manufacturer encourages us to see our kitchen differently and gives us more and more ideas. A flagship element present in most of the solutions offered by Ikea, the island becomes a major asset and an essential module. Practical, it offers not only a new work plan but also a dining area or many additional storage spaces. We spotted 10.

For a raw look

Ikea A place of expression and creativity, the kitchen is the ideal place to assert your decorative desires. Here, in an industrial style, made of wood, with dark cupboards, you give it a real character, a reflection of your personality.

Futuristic inspiration

Ikea No more conventional kitchens! Here, we mix styles, colors of elements. Brilliant fronts or walnut veneer, let your imagination run wild for a room far removed from tradition.

Fun and multifunctional

Ikea In this family kitchen, the central island is accessible from both sides and offers small corners for children, thanks to integrated benches. Everyone can get their hands dirty and participate in the life of this flagship piece of the house.

Retro spirit

Ikea For a country kitchen, a bit vintage, bet on an independent island, easy to place wherever you want in the kitchen. With its light wooden worktop, it is in keeping with the rest of the elements. His white feet recall the walls.

Rustic chic

Ikea We take the same and start again. In a fairly similar style, the same island is here in total harmony with the kitchen. Mobile, you can use it as a trolley and thus install your kitchen clerk in the desired location.


Ikea Monochrome decoration, clean lines, this island blends perfectly with this immaculate kitchen. A great ally to bring style and discreetly hide the various storage spaces in the room.

Well thought

Ikea With its flexible and modular kitchen system, Ikea offers new and easy-going ideas to adapt to all spaces. In a small apartment, for example, you can create a mini island that is perfectly designed for complicity and comfort.

Modern and functional

Ikea For all occasions, this island has two worktops, with two different heights to choose the way of cooking, sitting or standing. And especially to many. For a set that invites conviviality while remaining spacious and decorative.

Nothing but an island

Ikea A kitchen in its own right! Here, this block is self-sufficient. All the elements are there: sink, oven, hob and hanging hood. Combined with a wall of clever storage, it becomes the heart of the room.