How to give your old refrigerator a second chance?

How to give your old refrigerator a second chance?

When you enter your kitchen, you only see him: imposing, sad and tired (and maybe even smelly, your fridge deserves to end up in the landfill. Unfortunately it works wonderfully and it really isn't no time to throw money out the window. In order not to get depressed, we give you some ideas for an extreme makeover of your fridge. You will love it!

The refreshed fridge

Cozy Crooked Cottage Nothing is more normal for a refrigerator than wanting to have a refreshing color like a very trendy mint. Source

The tapestry fridge

Appartment Therapy Wallpaper is back in fashion, so why not try a refrigerated version? Source

The gold fridge

The Every Girl Also works with other colors such as blue for a nautical style and a seaside atmosphere. All you need is a lot of masking tape and voila! Source

The table fridge

The Hand Made Home Shopping list, children's drawings, visit the dentist: painting your fridge with chalkboard paint is the XXL sticky note solution. Source

The museum fridge

How Does She Since we are already in the habit of hanging pictures and masterpieces of our cherubs on the fridge, we might as well enhance them with frames! Source

The restaurant fridge

Genevieve Gail No one will ask you what we eat tonight since it will be written on the refrigerator. Source

The living fridge

Home Brew Talk This vintage fridge makeover is a dedication for all "I See Faces" addicts on the Internet (a game of seeing faces on inanimate objects). Source

The seasoned fridge

Pocketful of Pretty The rafters always inspire as much and by using self-adhesive paper, we can separate them as soon as the pattern is out of fashion (in 10 days?) Source

The antique fridge

Three Little Girls Damn for damn, we can decide to give a real facelift to its fridge flea market. Source