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10 decor ideas for brunch with friends

10 decor ideas for brunch with friends

Are you a fan of Sunday brunches but do not know how to prepare your table so that it is original? At the editorial office, we have thought of everything so that you can impress your guests! Displays, pretty labels, practical salad bowls, we reveal all our ideas in pictures.

Use practical salad bowls

Delamaison Since everyone uses the right franquette during brunches, indicate on your salad bowls what you have prepared. Practical with these ceramic models with a small slate label!

Prepare decorative cupcakes

Magalilamotte What could be nicer than decorating your table with food that sends decoration side? We love these ultra gourmet cupcakes that will cause a sensation!

Adopt cake stands

Maisons du Monde Elegant and delicate, the cake stands are the charming asset of the table decoration of your brunch. You can just as easily drop candies, pancakes or brioches ...

Decorate the lemonade glasses

Gabriel Ryan Photographers Dare to recover! Here, the lemonade glasses are actually old jam jars that have been decorated with pretty colored paper bows. The plus: a striped paper straw that adds an extra decorative touch to the whole.

Play the card of originality

Atmosphere & Styles Pop cakes are your hobby, but you lack ideas to present them. We like to slide them into tall glasses or plant them on a base provided for this purpose. Thus perched, we only see them!

Make homemade labels

Addicted to cooking If you already make your homemade jams, why not go all the way by creating your own labels? We really like these, in kraft paper, which bring a real touch of authenticity to the pot. A real plus to charm your guests at brunch time.

Present the sweets on a slate

Delamaison Change traditional plates to present your sweets and opt for slates. They instantly highlight your gourmet little bites.

Use decorative toothpicks

Gabriel Ryan Photographers We often use toothpicks to make practical little things to eat, much appreciated during brunch. To give them a whole new look, we suggest you add small colored flags to them on which you can even indicate what the sweetness contains.

Create a candy bar

Simple Illusion Very trendy, candy or cake bars have a little effect at every event. The candies are stored in pretty jars, the cakes are staged on display stands, and everyone uses what they like!