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Shrub roses: easy to care for and versatile

Shrub roses: easy to care for and versatile

The large family of roses is made up of many categories which all have their own charm: old roses which offer us the happiness of their flowers often double and with a deep scent, climbing roses capable of forming real flowered vaults ... or even roses shrubs that are most common in our gardens. The latter are easy to install because of their versatility which allows them to appear both within a hedge, in a massif or even as an isolated subject. With a limited size (between 1 and 3 meters), they are just as welcome in small gardens as in parks. Finally, their ease of maintenance recommends them to amateur gardeners. Why deprive yourself of it?

Rosier Clementina Carbonieri

J-F. Mahé ## Clementina Carbonieri The Clementina Carbonieri rose looks pretty with its very double petals, ruffled according to a consummate art. From pink to orange, all the nuances are found in its petals whose colors and softness have nothing to envy to the cheeks of young girls ...

Rosier Wilhem

J-F. Mahé ## Wilhem Here is a shrub full of charm which, all season long, is adorned purely and simply with real bouquets of blooming flowers, a deep pink. The arched shape of the branches seems like an invitation to pick: don't hesitate!

Rose Rush

J-F. Mahé ## Rush Very prolix, this rose offers an abundance of small simple flowers with nicely two-colored petals. Very ascending, it will offer you its flowering all season long.

Jens Musk Rose

J-F. Mahé ## Jens Musk Here is a semi-double rose which combines the charm of old varieties and the advantages of modernity. With a beautiful carmine pink, Jens Musk is a variety with good resistance to cold and disease. It also has the great advantage of being ascending, which allows you to enjoy its flowering even longer!

Nutkana Hispida Rose

J-F. Mahé ## Nutkana Hispida An air of wild rose, for a deeply wild roseā€¦ Native to the humid regions of California, Nutkana Hispida seduces with its flowers of an unusual size for a simple variety. Its finely cut foliage also attracts attention. Fiery, it can reach significant heights to the delight of our eyes.

Blue for you rose

J-F. Mahé ## Blue for you Here is a rose that invites you to dive into the heart of its flowers to observe them more closely and thus be able to define their amazing color. Is it blue, lilac or lavender?

Double White Rose

J-F. Mahé ## Double White The Double White rose offers us its very double flowers of a magnificent creamy white, highlighted by a dark and finely cut foliage.

Rose Rhapsody In Blue

J-F. Mahé ## Rhapsody In Blue Flirting with bluish hues like the rose "Blue for you", Rhapsody in Blue plays on the whole range of the palette according to the blooming of its flowers. A constantly renewed charm!

Nevada Rose

J-F. Mahé ## Nevada In spite of the apparent simplicity of its flowers, the Nevada rose is one of those that we notice, by its precocity and the abundance of its flowering. It will be ascending, provided that care is taken to remove the wilted flowers.