10 ideas to revamp the house with Masking Tape

10 ideas to revamp the house with Masking Tape

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The Masking Tape is now part of our decorating reflexes! Thanks to this colored adhesive tape, all personalizations become possible. The good news is that the MT brand offers new designs in terms of colors, patterns but also sizes and shapes with wider bands as well as small circles. What offer you 10 new ideas to revamp the house in color and good humor.

Drawings for the little ones

Masking Tape Children are not allowed to write on the walls? On the other hand, you can give them all the freedom to play with masking tape because it will not damage the wall and your children will be able to create drawings in XXL version.

A revisited coffee table

Masking Tape Is your coffee table gray? With some masking tape, you can give it a new look. The trick: choose three colors to create graphic strips.

Unique decorative items

Masking Tape To give a more personal style to your decorative objects, the masking tape is your ally! Too simple a pot in the kitchen? A few peas or masking tape in a strip will give it an immediate facelift.

Stripes and more stripes

Masking Tape Whether it's here in the kitchen or in any other room in the house, you can energize walls and other surfaces by creating stripes using rolls of varying sizes. Guaranteed graphic effect!

Original frames

Masking Tape Framing the drawing of the youngest, highlighting your vacation photos, are all good ideas that you can achieve with masking tape. It's up to you to choose the size and color that will make your walls decorative!

Multicolored stairs

Masking Tape With the large masking tape rolls, the possibilities are multiplied! Why not cover each step with a staircase in a different color to add some fun to the house?

An original height rod

Masking Tape To finish with the pencil line that we make on the wall to measure children, we use masking tape to create a decorative board. And as you can write on this adhesive tape, you can even note the date!

An original table decoration

Masking Tape To give a festive style to your table, use the masking tape to customize your dishes! You will even be able to use the ribbon as a place marker by writing the name of your guests on it.

Messages in the decor

Masking Tape Finally, with the masking tape, you will be able to give the floor to your decor! A hello in the hallway, a poetic phrase above the bed, it's up to you to find inspiration!


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