5 headboards for an urban style

5 headboards for an urban style

To bring an urban touch to your room, consider choosing a headboard that evokes the spirit of big cities: industrial materials, XXL numbers of sports matches, the panorama or the silhouette of a megalopolis ... Here are some examples to inspire you:

Urban, industrial

La Redoute ### The common point between the urban style and the industrial style? The choice of raw materials and the mixture of wood and metal. Precisely, this is the case with this headboard, the structure of which is made up of metal tubes and oak veneered MDF slats. An idea to take therefore to affirm the urban character of the room…

The right number

Maisons du Monde ### Do you like a sporty headboard? Dressed in a big number, like baseball players, she takes us on a trip to the United States in a crowd of city dwellers and loyal supporters ... A choice that should appeal to teens!

The silhouette of Paris in sticker

Mandellia ### To emphasize the urban spirit near the sleeping area without having to change the headboard, we can also count on the stickers! You just have to overcome the original headboard with an adhesive in the shape of a city silhouette: Paris, New York, Rome, the choice is yours!

An urban style canvas over the bed

Goal ### The other tip to infuse an urban style into the sleeping area without having to change the headboard? Opt for a canvas referring to a big city and whose size is the width of the bed! Here, the Big Apple is in the spotlight. The canvas perfectly overcomes the bed to set the scene. We love !