The trivets that decorate your table

The trivets that decorate your table

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Yet essential, the trivets are often forgotten in the decor. On the table, however, they can quickly denote if you do not choose them carefully. In cork, wood or ceramic, there are many to satisfy your desires for harmony in the kitchen as in the dining room. See rather ...


Before Decades In a contemporary kitchen or dining room, don't be afraid to dare a little traditional craftsmanship. This floral ceramic trivet will look great on a white lacquered table or on a blond wooden table. 12 euros


YaMashka We love this trivet which makes us love autumn with these sparkling colors. We install it without further delay on a white table so that it shines brightly. 15.70 euros

In flashy cork

Designer Dwellings Who said that cork had said its last word in decoration? Surely not us! And below the custom dish with flashy colors and graphic patterns, there is no doubt that it will have its effect on the table. 5.50 euros


Ferm Living We have seen and reviewed them, but we never get tired of them! The black and white graphic trivets from Ferm Living are editorial favorites. They give a real dynamic to the table decoration in the blink of an eye! 27 euros


Pure Deco We loved them this summer, and we will love them this winter. Pastel colors invite themselves on the table with these rectangular trivets which can also be used as a tray if necessary. Pretty, right? 17.50 euros

Braided rope

Zillpa What a good idea to dare a braided rope trivet on your table. In addition to not looking like traditional models, it adds a natural touch to the decor. Its plus: colors in tune with the times. 28.45 euros

A bird cage

Lisa Marie Style Do you find your old cork trivet a bit bland? Do like Lisa Marie Style and customize it! We particularly love his model with a bird cage! 9.45 euros

Russian dolls

YaMashka Welcome to Moscow with this very exotic trivet covered with Russian dolls. Almost psychedelic, it will send on the dining room table! 15.70 euros

Big pearls

Ferm Living Cork has a new look at Ferm Living by taking the form of an original pearl necklace. Placed on the table, it turns into a unique and truly decorative dish once the meal is finished. 16 euros