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Pink without being girly, it's possible!

Pink without being girly, it's possible!

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For the fall / winter seasons 2013-2014, pink invites itself into the trend. But no question of playing it girly! Suddenly, we dare pink by touches to avoid falling into excess which can quickly transform the house into a candy box. To help you, here are 10 ideas to bring pink into the house without overdoing it.

Pink and materials

Linum The trick to avoiding the girly spirit is to play with materials. Thus, we put aside satin and other shiny materials in favor of raw fabrics such as linen. Pink is then a simple soft color which can then be installed in any interior in a cushion, in curtains or in bed linen.

Pink at the table too

Jean Vier Everything is a question of association! At the table for example, a girly table would mix a shades of pink and white but for a more contemporary style, we dare a strong pink associated with taupe and black.

Pink and a strong piece

Fly If you want pink to have a little effect in your interior without having to put too much, you will have to bet on a strong piece. Why not choose an armchair that will contrast with the rest of the furniture?

Pink and its different styles

Ikea Of course pink quickly evokes femininity in the house, unless you confuse the codes by applying this color with a strong style. For example, you can dare a pink sofa in this interior thanks to the jungle spirit of the wallpaper which diverts the girly style.

Pink with dynamic shapes

Fly Also divert the very soft spirit of pink by applying to it shapes with pure and geometric lines. Here, we apply it on the wall in the shape of a triangle to give it a graphic style that makes us forget its feminine aspect.

Pink and accessories

Fly If you timidly want to bring pink into your interior, you can play with subtlety with a color accessory. For example, this living room accommodates a pink lamp whose colored effect is attenuated by the color of the sofa.

Pink and the walls

Dulux Valentine In a contemporary interior, pink can give a cheerful note to the room. Here, we simply painted the window frames to bring the color into the room without having to paint a wall.

Pink and color block

Dulux Valentine Another solution to make you forget the feminine side of pink is to opt for the color block trend which consists of mixing strong colors. You can then combine pink with orange and red for a very vitamin effect!

Pink and pastel

Ikea Finally, know that pink fits perfectly with the pastel trend. To avoid the overly feminine spirit, we use it sparingly with blue for example. The effect will be refreshing but not girly!


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