All the good ideas for storing your shoes!

All the good ideas for storing your shoes!

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Whether you collect pairs of pumps and ballet flats or are more trendy sneakers and sneakers, storage for your shoes is essential. That's good, the storage spaces that follow stand out for their practicality and make your life easier ...

Wall support for heels

Ikéa ### Here is a shoe storage exclusively for women. It is a series of metal wall bars on which come to hang pumps, boots or high heel sandals. In short, nothing but high heels! A space-saving solution that takes advantage of walls and beautifully stages your most beautiful pairs of shoes.

Labeled shoe boxes

Leroy Merlin ### Tired of getting tangled up by the brushes looking for a pair of shoes in front of your multiple storage boxes wisely aligned? Label them… with photos! A small detail that will make your life easier and allow you to find your boots or lace-up shoes of the day without having to open a single box!

A custom shoe cabinet

Ikéa ### When there are several of you living under the same roof, the shoe storage at the entrance is generally upside down. So not to mix his moccasins with the sandals of his sister or the sneakers of his roommate, we divide the storage in several distinct areas! Example in image with a shoe cabinet on which are inscribed the first names of each inhabitant.

Clever shoe rack!

Ikea ### Like store shoe displays, each "level" of this shelf is tilted. So, from floor to ceiling, we keep good visibility of all of our pairs of shoes, which allows us to choose them more easily. This narrow shelf takes up a minimum of space.