Maisons du Monde winter 2014: discover our selection for less than 50 euros

Maisons du Monde winter 2014: discover our selection for less than 50 euros

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Today, the editorial staff of leaned on the catalog of the Winter 2014 collection of Maisons du Monde and unearthed some treasures. Colorful cushion, gourmet candle, bohemian dishes; pieces that will make a difference in your interior without breaking the bank. Discover without further delay our coolest finds for less than 50 euros.

Bohemian plates

Maisons du Monde We extend the summer holidays on the table with these superb plates decorated with the very trendy Ikat motif. On a white tablecloth, they will cause a sensation! 5.59 euros one (sold by 6)

A soft blanket

Maisons du Monde To spend the winter safely, we warm up the living room atmosphere with this 100% cotton plaid with dynamic graphic patterns. Its little decorative extra that charms us: the red border that makes all the difference. 45.99 euros

A star cushion

Maisons du Monde To anticipate Christmas a little (or even a lot) in advance, we adopt this beige cushion decorated with a large golden star for the living room. Roll on December 24! 16.99 euros

An industrial calendar

Maisons du Monde Favorite for this perpetual metal calendar which will satisfy all the desires of industrial touches in the office. Its plus: a patinated and rusty appearance which makes all its charm. 36.99 euros

A gourmet candle

Maisons du Monde For the tasting table to be the most beautiful, we fall for this "piece-mounted" candle placed on a small cake stand. It invites to gluttony, don't you think? 11.99 euros

An original key box

Maisons du Monde Add a touch of originality to your entrance with this key box that looks like a small mailbox. Sure your friends will envy you! 24.99 euros

An amber demijohn

Maisons du Monde We literally melt in front of this amber demijohn that we dream of installing in all the rooms of the house. It will look great in the center of the table or on a window sill. 29.99 euros

Ethnic verrines

Maisons du Monde To bring an ethnic atmosphere to your table, we suggest these verrines with colorful Ikat prints. You just have to put yourself in the kitchen to prepare an aperitif worthy of the name. 2.99 euros one (sold by 6)

A colorful cushion

Maisons du Monde We energize the sofa with this pink cushion with original patterns! Its little extra thing that makes us crack: purple pompoms at the four corners that bring an oriental touch to the whole. 25.99 euros