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The central island in all its forms

The central island in all its forms

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In spacious kitchens, the trend is towards the central island. A low storage unit located in the heart of the room that comes in many facets. It comes down to a storage unit and a work plan in some, or combines a sink and hob area in others. It's up to everyone to choose the model they want!

The central island with sink

Goal ### In addition to the storage space it accommodates, this central island has a sink pole. An ideal choice for juggling easily between the oven, the refrigerator and the dishes with little movement. Note that for this type of island, the valve duct must be installed before it is even installed.

The central island with a cooking zone

Goal ### After the sink, the hobs! By concentrating one of the 3 most important poles of the kitchen, this central island surmounted by a hood is about to boil the water of our pans and to cook our meats and our fish in the pan!

The central island, second work plan

Purpose ### The easiest central island to install is the one that comes down to being a work surface and a storage area. Indeed, no additional layout is then required and the kitchen already equipped with all the essential poles: cooking, sink, refrigerator ... Is simply doubled in space where to prepare the kitchen and where to store what no longer held in the original closets.

The central island is a shelf

Lapeyre ### It becomes a multi-function central island between its storage, its cooking center and the side table that comes to lean against it. But we particularly love its shelf side installed in the recess on one of its sides. Something to stage trinkets or his most beautiful dishes…