10 tips to organize the living room

10 tips to organize the living room

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Whether you have a small space or not, it is essential to reorganize your living room. We see more clearly and above all we keep a soothing atmosphere like the sleek and minimalist interiors of the moment. Smart furniture 2 in 1 or space saving effect, we give you our best ideas for an airy and therefore improved stay.

Priority to flexibility


To make your life easier, bet on modular furniture! The sofa, for example, but also storage benches on casters or mobile planters allow you to adapt the living room to suit your needs.

A little lightness


Do not use furniture that is too bulky or too heavy visually. To have a feeling of order and space, we invest in aerial furniture with an ultra-thin base that gives elegance to the room.

An almost invisible library


In the same spirit, we store all the books and trinkets in bottomless furniture, which can also serve as a partition, while letting the light through.

A smart coffee table

Houses of the world

In addition to its initial function, this coffee table offers plenty of storage. Other tips, we use nesting tables which very easily give extra space or even a table with removable tray to transport everything you want from the kitchen to the living room.

We occupy the angles

3 Swiss

We prefer hidden corners rather than overcrowding the space. And it's more in a corner of the room that a library is installed. Extensible and multi-position, it can be placed wherever you want.

Long live the modules!

La Redoute Interiors

By associating them with each other, and with different dimensions, you create custom storage. Cubes, rectangles or other polygons, these lockers match your decoration and your space as you wish.

All along the wall

Dulux Valentine

The ideal is also to choose a part of the room and use all its surface for your storage. Low cabinets with drawers and colorful shelves for your books and records. The rest of the living room is then much more orderly.

We create niches


If the wall thickness is sufficient, maximize the space with niches. You use the recesses for your storage. Library or pyre, like here, without encroaching on the floor space. Smart!

We multiply the storage areas


Shelves above the sofa, side table, dressers, buffets but also small baskets, if space allows, it is very easy to find rooms to furnish your living room and make it more pleasant to live in.