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A decor that rolls in the little boys' room

A decor that rolls in the little boys' room

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Little boys are often passionate about cars so to make them happy, we focus on this theme for the decoration of their room. With a few accessories or even a car-shaped bed, your child will not fail to be satisfied.

A car shaped bed

3 Suisses ### For sports car enthusiasts, there is the bed that follows the lines of a racing car. You can then opt for a fairly sober decoration because the bed will make all the difference!

Very "truck" bed linen

3 Suisses ### If these are the trucks that appeal to your child, you can opt for bed linen that uses a truck motif available in several colors. The result is very graphic and will bring a touch of pep's to the child's room.

A London bus driver

Goal ### For a very urban room in the children's room, we put on a bed in the shape of a London bus so that your boy becomes an English driver! Feel free to add decorative items reminiscent of England to complete the look.

A Cars decoration

La Redoute ### Your children undoubtedly loved the Cars cartoon. Well know that you can create a room in the image of the cartoon! You will thus find a bed which takes on the shape of a racing car, a wardrobe on this theme but also bed linen and also thematic bed linen.