5 decorative hotels in Berlin

5 decorative hotels in Berlin

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Five Berlin hotels that will thrill your design cord. Berlin, a city on the move, right down to its architecture with hotels that reinterpret the past, bringing old 30s buildings up to date as newer industrial hangars…

Das Stue Hotel

Das Stue Inside the building, we are dazzled. It is the Spaniard living in Milan Patricia Urquiola who designed the common areas of the hotel, she who likes to mix materials and colors in harmony. So, from the entrance, two majestic staircases rub shoulders with a monumental light and a crocodile, all mouth open. As for the rooms, they were designed by the Spanish LVG Arquitectura. Drakestraße 1, 10787 Berlin


Jan Brockhaus Hüttenpalast or how to camp indoors… A former vacuum cleaner factory in the Neukölln district, Hüttenpalast hosts old caravans and wooden huts. As in a classic campsite, you can have breakfast on the covered terrace in front of your caravan, surrounded by antique furniture. Hobrechtstraße 66, 12047 Berlin


Jan Brockhaus The interior of the caravans is certainly not spacious but the owners of the place, Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer, will not fail to recall this quote from Friedrich Schiller: "There is room in the smallest cabin for a happy and loving couple. " Design also helps. Here, the artist Yoraco Gonzales designed the interior of this caravan. Hobrechtstraße 66, 12047 Berlin

Nhow Berlin

Nhow Berlin When you walk along the Spree, you cannot miss this hotel which seems to be suspended in a vacuum. Designed by architect Sergei Tchoban, the building brings together old elements of the industrial building and this tall tower that seems to defy weightlessness 36 meters above the river. Stralauer Allee 3, 10245 Berlin

Nhow Berlin

Nhow Berlin As for the interior, it was imagined by the New York designer Karim Rashid. Bright colors, rounded shapes, clear lines. Upon reception, we enter the universe of Karim Rashid, psychedelic. Stralauer Allee 3, 10245 Berlin


Ostel In Germany, we speak of "ostalgia", this nostalgia for life under the old GDR. The Ostel hotel is "ostalgic". Express trip to East Berlin from the 70s and 80s. We therefore stay in a "Plattenbau" - typical building of prefabricated construction - original of the GDR. Wriezener Karree 5, 10243 Berlin


Ostel The common areas like the bedrooms are furnished with typical GDR furniture - let us mention the "Karat" wardrobe or the multifunction table (MuFuTi). Wriezener Karree 5, 10243 Berlin

Lux 11

Lux 11 In the heart of the trendy Mitte district, stands the imposing 19th century facade of the Lux 11 hotel on which the lights play. Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 9-13, 10178 Berlin

Lux 11

Lux 11 "The interiors of Lux 11 play on opposites: hot and cold, smooth and rough," explains London architect Giuliana Salmaso, who, with Claudio Silvestrin, designed the structure of the hotel. We oscillate between classicism and design. The minimalism of the furniture is awakened by touches of bright colors. Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 9-13, 10178 Berlin


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