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Table decoration like in Tokyo

Table decoration like in Tokyo

If the traditional Japanese interior is on the rise, tableware is not to be outdone. Want to get away from the daily grind and bring a Japanese touch to your table decoration? Immediate boarding to the land of the rising sun where simplicity, tranquility and balance reign. A modern and zen escape that will not leave you indifferent!

Shibori, the dye of the Levant

Otsuki Sama Appeared in Japan in the 8th century AD, the technique of shiboru ", which means" to twist, to press "is an art in its own right. Adorning the luxurious outfits of the samurai, the sumptuous kimonos of the Edo period, it now sits on our tables Otsuki Sama pays homage to this Japanese know-how with bewitching patterns that will bring an exotic touch to all your decorations.

Explosion of colors

Miaow Design Born during the Edo period, this pretty porcelain with a timeless geometric decoration made of small concentric blue dots on a white background harmonizes perfectly with colored dishes. A profusion of colors that invites a change of scenery.


Chilewich Traditional elements used by the Japanese for their interior decoration, the pebbles bring purity and zenitude to the table decorations. Converted to a table set, they will give a very refreshing mineral and minimalist touch to your decor.

Order and purity

Dinovia Japan is known for its thoroughness. On the table, the dishes are no exception. In a mixture of angles and curves, this set exudes elegance. The containers, refined and harmonious, go very well with the paper napkins decorated with the Japanese flag.

Indian ink inspiration

Blanc des Vosges A change of scenery in Japan, on the tea route with this pretty water green tablecloth. Made from 100% jacquard cotton, the incomparable reflection of colors and patterns will immerse you in an atmosphere conducive to well-being and escape.


Party items Lovers of Zen decoration, this table with light colors and harmonious balance will delight you. With its bamboo scattered here and there, its small green pebbles and its towels folded in the shape of an anise green and taupe lotus flower, you will no longer see the Japanese style in the same way.

Cherry blossom

Cdiscount No need to go to Japan to enjoy the cherry blossom. Symbols of ephemeral beauty, these pretty flowers are elegantly installed on the dishes to bring a poetic touch that is timely.


Boutik trend The Japanese style inspires decoration trends more than ever. The example of the Kokeshis, these miniature manga-style characters, testify to this! Evocative of gaiety, sweetness and candor, they will easily find their place on a baby shower table. Miniature or standard format, the choice is yours!

Sweetness of life

Hana Isho The undisputed emblem of tea lovers, the cast iron teapot has become the darling of fans of modern decor. Japanese tradition requires, tea time is accompanied by a pretty teapot. Today, a thousand shapes, design, colors and sizes give Japanese teapots the air of a queen in your interior.