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From floor to ceiling: my laundry area like new

From floor to ceiling: my laundry area like new

Indispensable in the house, this room of service is however poorly considered, sometimes neglected. However, attaching some importance to it is essential for the proper organization of your home. A multitude of solutions exist to arrange but also decorate the laundry area! We give you 10 to rethink the place and make your life easier.

A clean and precise look

Blob We choose furniture with a sleek design for more clarity. No need to do too much, a simple worktop mounted on a stand, and large drawers on casters improve your daily life.

We compartmentalize effectively

Birex Everything in its place! With modular furniture, you organize your space according to your needs. Because when you store your various items, the linen or the cleaning products, with care, you have a real impression of order and serenity.

Net space

Mobalpa When your laundry area is in your bathroom, for example, it is best to use sliding doors to hide this unsightly space. The trick: equip them with mirrors for a feeling of space.

Youthful look

Blob A new color for closet doors! Use paint or stickers to redecorate your laundry area. We prefer to choose a trendy color to give punch to the piece - here, an olive green.


Valcucine To improve the ergonomics of the laundry area, the washing machine and dryer are raised with an anti-vibration steel base. Below, the two large drawers on casters are extremely functional for accommodating all the laundry to be washed.

We divert the furniture

Leroy Merlin With this low sideboard, originally sold for the kitchen, you create a storage space and a work plan for your laundry in a jiffy. Also install a small shelf, and voila!

A complete piece of furniture

Archea When you have the possibility of having a room dedicated to the laundry room, invest in an all-in-1 system, and why not tailor-made. You define the spaces for each device and the specific storage elements.

A little originality

Ikea We paint the walls with a bright color to give character to the room and fully assume the laundry area. The most here? Adjustable shelves of different widths to adapt to the space around the appliance. A beautiful harmony of the elements.

We accessorize

Aqua Even for a small corner like the laundry room, it is important to personalize and decorate it like any room in the house. You create a pleasant living space because it is the details that make all the difference.