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The animals come to the table!

The animals come to the table!

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When we love animals, there is no reason why we should not also install them at the table! Thus the creators offer collections inviting our friends the animals in the dishes and the accessories for the table. Here are some animals you may come across during dinner.

Drinking tea with small animals

Fleux ### Here are some very original mugs! At tea time you will use the tail of the animals as a cup handle: a round tail for the rabbit, a plume tail for a squirrel or a small tail for a doe. And you can also use them as a candle holder as these cups are decorative.

A donkey guest for lunch

Geneviève Lethu ### In this collection of dishes, the donkey is in the spotlight and sits enthroned in the center of the plates and on the napkin rings for a chic and retro look ideal for a lunch in the family home.

Birds sing at the table

Koziol ### To make the table look very playful, we put on a salt and pepper shakers in the shape of birds. The two friends then place themselves on a very decorative branch to make themselves available to your guests.

A meal at the chalet

Chehoma ### For dinners in the chalets in the middle of the forest, we opt for a plate service where a majestic deer sits enthroned. The plate will sit perfectly on a raw wooden table that will not fail to enhance the dishes.


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