Decorative patterns just for lovers

Decorative patterns just for lovers

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On Valentine's Day, the decorative patterns sing the hymn to love! To be seduced or just for the pleasure of the eyes, here are 6 handpicked. They are romantic, sensual or in love. They simply evoke love.


La Redoute ### A pattern of two birds in love on the sticker version walls, that's what makes us melt on February 14… or all year round!


Ikea ### Valentine's Day is also the day when florists sell the most roses. The very embodiment of love, these flowers also appear in the decor to give it a soft and romantic air. Even those who usually find the cheesy "pink" print should love this retro version in black on white!

Love, love, love

Les 3 Suisses ### On this passion red sofa, the two cushions declare each other's love. They proudly brandish the word "love" written in two stages in capital letters, like a graphic motif in its own right. We say yes!


Elitis ### Quirky and original, this wallpaper multiplies the images of feminine red lips and fits into our selection, just because it reminds us of the kisses of lovers…

Bouquets of flowers

Harlequin ### Flowers, and more flowers! After all, women don't just want Valentine's Day! Like a proof of daily love, this wallpaper decorated with fresh and light bouquets displays romanticism every day of the year. Because when you love, you don't count!