What if the garden becomes a party room?

What if the garden becomes a party room?

During the summer, the garden becomes a new room in the house. This little piece of greenery that is abandoned during the winter is the new playground for the little ones but also for adults who like to prolong their evenings with friends. So to make this space a real party room, the editorial team gives you 8 tips and tricks.

Brighten up with fantasy

Ikea To welcome your friends as they should, bet on suitable lighting. It is better to favor quantity: lanterns, neon lights, candles, bulbs ... So your friends will be immediately immersed in the "party" atmosphere, the great outdoors too!

Choose punchy fabrics

Ikea Textile also sets the tone by playing with colors, shapes and patterns. We choose vibrant colors: fuchsia pink, apple green, sun yellow or azure blue. In plaid, cushion or tablecloth, you will quickly give a festive air to your green space.

Adopt an intimate style

Maison du monde The garden which becomes a party room can also be synonymous with moments for two when the party celebrates love. To do this, bet on more subdued lighting with garlands of all colors and a few candles installed.

Set the table in a "summer party" style

Ikea You don't have to dine on elegance just because you're dining out. Pretty stemware and suitable tableware find their place perfectly on the wooden table. Soft lighting adds the final touch to the warm and festive setting.

Summer and festive cooking

Barbecook Enjoying the garden also means making good lunches and dinners while surrounding yourself with those you love. To please all these little people, we install a real kitchen outside, a plancha or a barbecue. What make the garden a real party!

Install sofas and armchairs on the lawn

Ikea While the sun is still shining, the lighting is more discreet in favor of the buffet which welcomes fresh dishes made with love by all the guests. We then sit comfortably on a chair or sofa to discuss and remake the world. Comfort above all!

Fill up on colors

Maison du monde Animate a terrace or a garden with furniture can be an advantageous solution. With colors that awaken a white table we give a facelift to its outdoor space.