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The living room decor plays with transparency

The living room decor plays with transparency

For a light interior, and in line with the sleek and minimalist styles, we love and we play with transparency. And a modern living room will find many rooms to satisfy this crystalline trend. We are inspired by glass or plexiglass. Demonstration!

Extra clear!

Antonello Italia Always in an immaculate atmosphere, we love this swivel TV stand. With its structure in transparent tempered glass and its base in white lacquered steel, it harmonizes perfectly with this modern living room.

Reflection effect

AM PM Here, we mix transparent objects - vases, lamps - with mirror furniture. The chest of drawers and wall accessories accentuate this atmosphere of lightness and give a feeling of space.

A little color

Bloomingville All in transparency, we use and abuse vases, canisters or even glass demijohns. We prefer them colored to enhance an often very white decoration when we want to bring a feeling of purity to the room.

Like a ghost

Fiam Italia This Ghost armchair, in curved glass, lives up to its name. It invites itself into your living room without visually cluttering your space. Designed by Cini Boeri for the Italian manufacturer Fiam, it is a cult piece to adopt for a piece inspired by transparency.

A touch of lightness

La Redoute The only transparent piece of furniture in the room, this rectangular coffee table gives an airy style to the living room. This system allows you to appreciate more the few trinkets that seem to be hanging in the air.

An invisible partition

Tonelli Design Another unique piece of furniture in the room, this library with unstructured lockers which forms a separation in the living room. We thus define the spaces by letting the light pass for a very subtle decoration.

Large picture windows

AM PM To give space to the living room by playing on transparency nothing better than large and wide windows. And in order not to encroach on these bright openings, we decorate our living room with bottomless shelves.

A minimalist decoration

Fiam Italia We love these contemporary wall shelves. And failing to blend in with the decor, they are highlighted thanks to the ocher paint of the room. One way to divert the initial idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinvisibility. Very stylish !

Total look

Inside 75 In this living room, all the furniture is in transparent glass. It is available as a coffee table, a TV stand, a console and shelves. A tip to highlight and sublimate certain objects such as this skin which warms the general atmosphere.