10 wallpapers to brighten up the house

10 wallpapers to brighten up the house

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Wallpaper has become trendy. Formerly considered old-fashioned, the big names in design and DIY stores have helped to restore its image. A brief overview of wallpaper at the moment for ultra-trendy walls.

It's party

a3p To make the last room look like a real party every day, we put on balloons of all colors. Be careful not to cover the four walls, it could become too stuffy or psychedelic.

Budding artist

Ikéa Fan of contemporary art, can't you afford a masterpiece? It is (almost) done with this wallpaper like a work of art. We put a single strip in the middle of the wall, like a painting and voila.

As in the countryside

Ikéa Jouy canvas and wallpaper? One would have thought this meeting completely has-been and yet it is quite the opposite. We take the opposite view of the trend and it is successful!

Direction London

Leroy merlin In a teenage bedroom, to put an arty and British touch we put on this wallpaper in the colors of England. London here we come!

Male wallpaper

Leroy merlin You are not going on a safari but you want a wild side? It's done with an imitation snakeskin wallpaper. It feels like here in an American bar during prohibition.

In furniture

Leroy merlin Our decor tip: wallpaper that becomes furniture. Placed behind the bed and cut to the right proportions, a simple piece of wallpaper is transformed into a real headboard.

Line the bottom

Leroy merlin If you dare not cover your entire room with wallpaper, you can line the bottom of a piece of furniture or a niche to highlight it. Here with an all-over floral print we create a real space very simply.

Giant poster

Saint Maclou Applied on a whole wall section, from floor to ceiling, the patterned wallpaper can become a real XXL poster. Like here, where it becomes a real painting that brightens the living room.


Saint Maclou This designer wallpaper will add a touch of color to your interior. Its overlapping circles of light remind us of the photographs taken against the light and full of nostalgia.