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Portable tools: discover the new products

Portable tools: discover the new products

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In the world of portable tools, brands are innovating again this year to offer tools that are simplified to use. 2014 is more than ever under the sign of ergonomics and multifunctionality, without compromising on the quality and performance of these devices. Focus on ten portable tools that have not gone unnoticed by the editorial staff.

A very successful compact saw

Dremel Thanks to the clear field of vision, the powerful motor and the abrasive discs, the DSM20 saw from Dremel makes it possible to make the simplest cuts in the world (straight, flush and plunge), and this in materials of thickness up to 20 mm. Its more? It can be fitted with a large number of abrasive discs which, combined with the suction connection, allow clean and precise work. 139 euros

A very promising multifunction tool

Dremel This year, the Dremel brand is expanding its range of power tools with a new one, the Dremel Micro 8050. Very light and ultra-compact, this portable cordless tool benefits from LED lighting, allowing its user to work in n no matter what condition. Sanding, cutting, sharpening and drilling becomes child's play thanks to the Dremel Micro 8050. You will love it! 119 euros

A high-performance stationary tool system

Dremel Compact and practical, the Moto-Saw scroll saw designed by Dremel allows you to make precision cuts in different materials: wood, metal, plastic, stoneware or tiles. Thanks to its varied range of saw blades, it easily handles the most diverse materials. Its major asset? The cutting saw is detachable and is therefore used not only in the stationary position but also in the portable, indoors and outdoors. 156 euros

Measure from a new angle

Bosch Cutting plinths, parquet floors or moldings with precision is often a headache. Nothing could be easier today with the Bosch PAM 220 angle measurer. Whether you want to measure an angle or know the degree to transfer to your miter saw, this tool simplifies the cutting work. Unlike manual versions, the measurement is displayed precisely on the screen and stores it in memory. Then just add this information to the stationary saw to cut perfectly at the desired angles. 99.99 euros

A tool that adapts to all materials

Dremel The most powerful oscillating tool on the market, the Dremel Multi-Max MM20 is the ideal accessory for everyday work: repair, renovation and restoration. Driven by a high performance motor and equipped with a Quick Fit accessory change mechanism, it is also designed for multiple applications, including cutting wood, metal or plastic, sanding on wood or painted surfaces, scraping, peeling wall tiles and more. 89.99 euros

The compact tool with high rotational force

Festool Drilling and screwing becomes child's play thanks to the Festool cordless drill that combines power, speed, endurance and versatility. With 4 mechanical speeds, it reaches up to 3800 rpm in fourth speed. The combination of its speed and its torque therefore guarantee you precise and quality drilling with rapid and clean progression as well as great efficiency for heavy screwing. 654.03 euros

An ultra-powerful cordless screwdriver

Bosch A new bookcase, a cupboard to mount or small daily repairs? No problem thanks to the new IXO cordless screwdriver. 30% more powerful than the previous model, it tightens and screws with endurance in all places difficult to access. Small and handy, it is the essential tool for all DIY enthusiasts. 65 euros

A compact tool for your big projects

Bosch Thanks to its intuitive design, excellent ergonomics and ease of use, the Bosch PSM Primo multi sander is the ideal tool for small and medium-sized sanding projects. Thanks to its long and narrow triangular sanding plate, the PSM Primo has the major advantage of allowing the user to sand even in corners and in hard to reach places. 49.99 euros

Very easy to use for impressive results

Bosch Easy to use, versatile and intuitive, the PFS 500 E paint spray gun supports you in all your interior and exterior rehabilitation work. Thanks to its All Paint technology which allows easy spraying of all types of paint without dilution, its very practical SDS system for quick filling of the bucket and easy cleaning, the PFS 500 E gun is always ready to brighten up your life. 48.66 euros


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