Ambiance et Styles presents its new products to set the table with taste

Ambiance et Styles presents its new products to set the table with taste

To make your friends feel at the restaurant when they are invited to taste or dine at your home, it is essential to adopt a nice tableware suitable for the event. Ambiance et Styles has thought of all your desires and all your needs with this new collection where simplicity and authenticity are at the rendezvous.

Copper decor

Ambiance & Styles No need to wait for Christmas to adopt small copper objects on the dining table! We love this little teapot that we can't wait to get out at tea time.

Small ramekins

Ambiance & Styles What we love on the table is the return to simple values! To help us, here are small ramekins that will charm you with their touch of authenticity.

Touches of gold

Ambiance & Styles This year, you have decided, your Christmas table will be the most beautiful! To do this, start by adopting this magnificent white service enhanced with small golden touches. Simple, elegant, this table has it all!

To taste it

Atmosphere & Styles For a taste of poetry and romance, here is a table service that risks making you crack with its discreet little butterflies. The most we love: the free-standing glass candy dish that we can already imagine sitting in the center of the table.

Extend summer

Ambiance & Styles Are you missing the seafood platters that delighted you this summer? What if you relive those moments of conviviality at home? Ambiance et Styles has thought of everything and offers you this stainless steel tray to feel like in a restaurant!

Christmas before time

Ambiance & Styles December is still a long way off, but you can already fill up on decorative ideas for the D-day table. We fall for this copper-colored tableware and these glasses with white feet that remind us of the snow so much appreciated in this time of year.

Glasses for all occasions

Ambiance & Styles To set your table with taste, it is important to have glasses for all occasions. White wine, red wine, cognac glass or whiskey glass, you will charm your guests with your welcome worthy of a great restaurant.

Ethnic dishes

Ambiance & Styles This season, play the exotic card by adopting pretty ethnic dishes on your table. These black plates covered with small white dots will create the decor in an instant on a plain white tablecloth.