20 DIY calendars

20 DIY calendars

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Lovers of Do It Youself and seduced by creative hobbies, leave the traditional calendar! For the start of the school year, make a handmade calendar. Original and unique, you will certainly start going back to school on the wheel caps. Spotted on Pinterest or stolen from blogs, discover 20 ideas to create and personalize your calendar according to your needs. Planning your year becomes child's play thanks to the handmade calendar!

Instagram calendar

Earl gray creative The beautiful idea: print your most beautiful Instagram photos to form a unique and original Advent calendar. Source: Earl gray creative

An ultra graphic calendar

This little street The originality of this printable calendar project: pretty patterns of stylized fruit or plants that symbolize the spirit of the season. Source: This little street

A 3D calendar

A piece of rainbow What we like: undoubtedly the original design of this calendar to print in the shape of a dodecahedron. Designed using card stock, it is as practical as it is decorative. Source: A piece of rainbow

A photo calendar

It's always autumn Completely customizable, this DIY calendar really has it all. First step, download the calendar from the It's always autumn website. Then cut out a window on each page of your calendar and then drag a photo of your choice. Mini budget, maximum effect! Source: It's always autumn

A graphic and colorful calendar

Top design shorts Much more than a simple calendar to note your appointments, this adorable print creation dressed in pretty patterns is a real decorative accessory that we like to install in our interior. Source: Top design shorts

A chic and elegant calendar

Cocorrina To avoid denoting too much with the decor of your living room or kitchen, adopt this black and gold calendar to print for a graphic and delicate result. Sure it will have its small effect and give relief to your interior. Source: Cocorrina

A multicolored calendar

Giddy Giddy If you like to tinker and get your hands dirty, this colorful calendar is for you. Using a canvas and colored sheets of paper, make a calendar like no other. Source: Giddy Giddy

A bicycle wheel as a calendar

Thistle wood farms Ok, ok ... it is certainly not an annual calendar strictly speaking but we did not resist the temptation to present you this weekly calendar made using a bicycle wheel, plywood and label to print. A DIY that will surely appeal to recovery enthusiasts. Source: Thistle wood farms

A sober calendar

Landeelu We love this print calendar which, once suspended, will bring a discreet decorative touch to your interior. We are fans of its playful details! Source: Landeelu

A calendar to print

Zü Say goodbye to the traditional calendar! Want to make your own calendar, click on the "D.I.Y / Tutorials" section of designer Zü. Armed with a tube of glue, a pair of scissors and a vivid imagination, you can freely follow the advice of the designer to create your personalized calendar or choose to opt for the models downloadable on the blog. Source: Zü

A calendar decorated in watercolor

Thévy-guex Special mention for this pretty geometric and multicolored calendar, made from watercolor and pencil drawings. A nice way to customize your calendar. Source: Thévy-guex

An artistic calendar

Delineate your dwelling To your brushes! This pretty calendar is just waiting for your decorating ideas to be colorful! Do not panic, the model is free and downloadable. Source: Delineate your dwelling

A calendar to never forget birthdays

Isagribouille Marre to forget the birthdays of your family and friends? Thanks to the "Don't forget birthdays" calendar, remembering birthdays is child's play. Seduced by this concept, make your own birthday calendar using a beech tray, cut and painted wooden letters by hand, small detachable nickel rings and wall fasteners. Source: Isagribouille

A poetic calendar

Yolande Six We really like this poetic and graphic version! Twelve illustrations produced using beautiful Clairefontaine paper and drawn and painted by hand. A nice way to make your handmade calendar. Source: Yolande Six

A nice Advent calendar

A star in my cabin A few months before Christmas and New Year's Day, make a pretty Advent calendar for your little ones. It's easy, you just need to get some jute string that you will tape to the wall and paper folded in the shape of numbered envelopes and voila. Source: A star in my cabin

A calendar for children

L'Atelier d'Angel Clever idea that this calendar for children. Made on a canvas with cardboard and using pearls inlaid with letters, this original calendar, easy to make, will allow your young child to discover the days, months, seasons and weather in a fun way. Source: L'Atelier d'Angel

A variable geometry calendar

Vert Cerise You like geometric shapes, then you will be seduced by this pretty calendar designed using a spirograph, a drawing instrument allowing to draw geometric figures and curves. Source: Cherry Green

A printed calendar

Thank you for the chocolate Difficult to find in the trade a practical calendar allowing to register all its meetings there. The solution: make your own calendar on your computer. Once printed, you just have to decorate it with stabilos and masking tape. Source: Thanks for the chocolate

A perpetual calendar

Wood fan No more buying a new calendar every year! This year, we make a perpetual calendar using a small sipo wooden board that we pierce at regular and delimited intervals to indicate the day of the week, the exact date and the month. You just have to insert a small nail and voila. Source: Wood fan