Parade of stools at the top of the trend

Parade of stools at the top of the trend

Although lacking arms and backrests, the stools never cease to inspire designers, who have fun revisiting their low seats from every angle! Natural, industrial or classic, the trend does not avoid any style so that everyone can have a crush ... Exactly, here are 5 models to eat.

The stools take the prohibited directions

Maisons du Monde ### Teenagers, students, young active or fervent industrialists, you should be won over by these stools inspired by "no-traffic" signs and city maps indicating where you are on the menu. A bit rebellious, but above all very urban seated!

An extra comfortable stool

Ikéa ### When comfort comes first, this is the model we choose! With their soft seat and their imposing size, these stools have nothing to envy their cousins ​​the chairs, armchairs and poufs.

When the stools play hide and seek

Habitat ### Their silhouette is cut under straight and square lines between design and simplicity. Landing in pairs in the house, these small booster seats disappear under the coffee table when not in use. Discretion particularly appreciated when space is lacking ...

Freshly colored stools

Fly ### With its vitamin-orange color, the star of the bars makes a nice show of nose in the graying climate which settles outside. Because after all, there is no question of a stool making color taboos!