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Robin du Lac presents its fall / winter 2011-2012 collection

Robin du Lac presents its fall / winter 2011-2012 collection

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Robin du Lac presents new inspirations to dress the house for the fall / winter 2011-2012 seasons. On the program: wood to warm the atmosphere, romantic touches for a cocooning atmosphere and a very chic retro spirit.

A retro spirit

Robin du Lac ### To give charm to the house, Robin du Lac has a deliciously retro decoration. For the bathroom for example, we opt for a washbasin cabinet with old looks in order to clean up like in the good old days. And we decorate everything with pretty bottles.

A warm table

Robin du Lac ### Robin du Lac gives back its place to the dining table by proposing a massive model which puts the spotlight on wood for very hearty meals. The modern structure combines with an old appearance, placing the furniture between tradition and modernity. We choose classic dishes to accentuate the shift.

Curiosity ambience

Robin du Lac ### The house becomes a cocoon and reveals its secrets to the inhabitants with a multitude of knick-knacks and decorative objects between still life and unusual objects from cabinets of curiosities. We love birds perched on metal rods, horse reproductions and multiple mirrors that reveal facets of the decor.

Romantic charm

Robin du Lac ### Finally, to spend the warm winter, we put on a slightly romantic atmosphere thanks to soft and powdery tones that we associate with wrought iron furniture. Add a fluffy plaid and a few candles, and you'll never want to leave your home.