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10 corner desks to save space in the children's room

10 corner desks to save space in the children's room

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Entering primary school necessarily requires the reorganization of your child's bedroom. But when you don't have a lot of space, sometimes you have to use a few tricks to drag a desk that is essential for homework. The best solution is the corner desk which offers a real work plan and a nice storage space.

A rounded office

La Redoute If your child has a very small bedroom, here is the ideal solution: a rounded corner desk that does not waste any space. With its practical little boxes, it also avoids disorder. Practical, right? 149 euros

An office with a long storage unit

Cdiscount So that he can store his class things as well as a few toys, opt for a corner desk with a long storage unit. Notebooks and supplies are displayed on the shelves while games are hidden in closed drawers. 102.84 euros

A modular office

Miliboo Another tip when there is little space: opt for a modular corner desk. One of the trays of this model is mounted on casters and allows to be stored once the homework is finished. 299 euros

A simple office

Unique Sale To avoid having to redecorate the bedroom of your little blond head, think simplicity by adopting a white corner desk, practical and versatile. 229.99 euros

A well-organized office

La Redoute The important thing for your child is to be able to organize themselves in their bedroom as well as possible. Sure that this corner desk, composed of two large storage spaces, will make his life easier! 504.49 euros

A T-shaped desk

Purpose Another model that caught our eye on the corner desk side, this one, which forms a T with a large library space. With this desk, you are sure nothing will hang out! 199.99 euros

An office with lots of storage

Delamaison With these three storage spaces, your little blond heads will no longer have a single excuse for leaving their desk in disarray. The most practical that we like: a raised shelf that saves a little more space. 89.90 euros

An office with columns

Conforama So that all the storage space in the room is brought together in one place, bet on a desk made up of two large storage columns. All school supplies and things will find a place of choice. 152.42 euros

A narrow corner desk

Amazon In a room where bed and desk find it difficult to coexist, trick by adopting a very narrow angle model. Easy to slide everywhere, it gives your child all the space they need to work in complete serenity 169.03 euros