Exploiting the attic: 10 possibilities

Exploiting the attic: 10 possibilities

Too bad to make a cross on the square meters available under the roofs. Proof, with these 10 spaces or rooms having precisely elected home at the top of the house, that exploiting the attic is certainly not one.

Install your kitchen

Ikéa This kitchen did not see any inconvenience in being housed under the slope of the roof. By placing her most voluminous pieces of furniture towards the center of the room and by covering the inclined walls with thin wooden sticks, she, on the contrary, turned the problem into practical and design architecture. To copy.

Make a guest room there

Ikéa Parental suite or guest room, you choose who will have the privilege of sleeping in the attic. Because here, independence from the rest of the house is one of the major assets.

Put away the dressing room

Leroy Merlin As for the wardrobe, the dressing room is relegated to the highest point of the house: the attic. Practical for acquiring the living rooms of an imposing wardrobe, and being able to have large square meters where to organize shirts, ski suits, winter coats and shoes for the little family.

Shelter the bathroom

Leroy Merlin Madame the bathroom also knows how to comply with the space restrictions imposed by the attic. Here, it is its tailor-made shelves which recline according to the ceiling while proudly presides in its center, the queen bathtub.

Establish your workspace

Ikéa The secret of this office located under the roof? Its inclined storage shelves allow you to take advantage of the walls, despite their more or less gentle slope.

Nest there a room

Fly One more room? Even if it is under frame, we say yes! Low furniture, optimization of vertiginous slopes using custom-made cupboards, and refurbishment of the floor and the four walls of the room on the program.

Place a dining area there

Leroy Merlin A space where to have breakfast, a snack or an aperitif, under the stars, that makes you dream. This is now possible thanks to the attic space.

Establish a relaxation area

Velux Imagine the attic housing the TV, hammock or reading corner. In short, a space reserved for tranquility and moments of relaxation, who says better?

Improvise a veranda corner

Ikéa Plants, Velux XXL, a couch to sag in, and voila. The attic becomes an additional veranda, but beware of having too much light preventing you from enjoying it in summer…