10 iconic decoration libraries

10 iconic decoration libraries

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The 10 most emblematic design libraries, a whole program! Straight or askew, round or rectangular, classic or original, you will know everything about the library.

Charlotte Perriand - Mexico

In collaboration with Jean Prouvé, the designer created this piece in 1952. Between Mondrian's painting and furniture, our heart swings.

Ron Arad - Bookworm

Literally in English book means book and worm an earthworm. We let you imagine where the designer found the name of one of these most famous pieces and published by Kartell.

Ikea - Billy

The best-selling library in the world, Billy is one of the flagship successes of the Swedish brand. It is available in many colors and shapes.

Jocelyn Deris - The basket

Despite its name, La Corbeille is not a trash can but a library. It works like a ladder: we put it against the wall, the books are held by bars behind and we climb on the left side to catch the tallest books.

Nendo - Drop Cappellin

Full of poetry, this library which seems to nod to us is perhaps an invitation to read and relax.

Quake - Eno

At first glance, we are afraid that everything will collapse. But don't panic, this wood and steel bookcase is designed to withstand the weight of many books and give the illusion of an impending fall.

House of the world - E

For a pop and original living room, or in a teenage bedroom, we put on a colorful library that will awaken the atmosphere.

Roche Bobois - Miriapode

For more discretion, the books are hidden and the library becomes a real decorative element. It is also reversible if you want to display your books in plain sight.

Ron Arad - RTW

Limited edition of twenty copies, all signed and numbered by the artist, this library has become a real work of art over the years.