Mas de la Fouque: a luxurious break in the heart of the Camargue

Mas de la Fouque: a luxurious break in the heart of the Camargue

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When holidays are synonymous with serenity, go to Mas de la Fouque in the Camargue for a relaxing cure in the heart of the wilderness. An idyllic place that perfectly combines the beauty of the landscape, decoration and the pleasure of taking care of yourself. Guided tour…

The white room

Mas de la Fouque With a breathtaking view of the countryside as a backdrop, this room, in variations of white and off-white, has an atmosphere filled with tranquility for a stay where time seems suspended!

The gray room

Mas de la Fouque Spacious and bright, the room incorporates the decor codes of an estancia from South America. Immaculate white walls, mottled furniture, shiny floor and animal trophy hanging above the sofa establish the style.

The environment

Mas de la Fouque At the edge of the Camargue Natural Park, very close to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, the luxury hotel Mas de la Fouque has done everything to minimize its carbon footprint. Low-consumption lamps, mottled furniture, water saver ... make it in harmony with the surrounding nature.


Mas de la Fouque The color authorized in this decor in monochrome is red! Dynamic and frank, it enhances the space of bright spots.

The swimming pool

Mas de la Fouque The swimming pool planted in the middle of the Mas. She is surrounded by nature as far as the eye can see. Pines, wild herbs… offer an exotic setting.

The restaurant by the water

Mas de la Fouque Along the ponds, the restaurant offers a calm and relaxing setting for gourmets looking for local dishes.

Sarah trailer

Mas de la Fouque Gipsy chic atmosphere for this room with shimmering colors. Pink, turquoise blue, orange dot their colorful scents this suite which is extended by a pleasant private terrace.

The jacuzzi

Mas de la Fouque Camped in the middle of wilderness, the jacuzzi promises you hours of intense happiness. In perfect harmony with the environment, you will delight in being on vacation.

The terrace

Mas de la Fouque Renovated under the leadership of producer Gérard Louvin, Le Mas de la Fouque has regained its luster of yesteryear. A perfect stopover to recharge your batteries.